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So Why Unfollow someone on Pinterest, you ask?

Well, other than sharing great content on Pinterest, one of the ways to let other Pinterest users know about your blog, website or account is to follow them. Some of the Pinterest users you follow may look at your account and hopefully love what you have to offer. But there will always be other Pinterest users who may not be interested in your account and may not follow you back. Over a period of time, your Pinterest account following users list may accumulate many such users who did not follow you back and you may want to unfollow them. But how can you differentiate between users who followed you back and the ones who didn't?

This is where PinFollow can help you to filter and unfollow only those users who do not follow you. PinFollow is a tool that automates the task of filtering users to unfollow them in a single click!

PinFollow can be an essential part of any Pinterest Marketer's arsenal to regularly Unfollow the non-followers and keep her/ his Pinterest account clutter-free.

Enough of explaining. Why don't you give PinFollow a try and see if this tool needs to be part of your regular Pinterest marketing workflow. After all, it is free to use!

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